Pet Portrait Commissions by Swirly Soph

Before you order a commission painting please go to Soph’s full artists website and view lots more pet commission examples, size, price and expected time scale.

Below are a few celebrity examples:

Above is a painting that Sophie created of Reggie, a dog belonging to Matt Goss (lead singer from the 90’s music band Bross). Sophie was thrilled when he displayed the painting of his dog on his Instagram story @mattgoss and commented on Sophie’s instagram post too (@creativemrsh) His brother Luke Goss has started to paint, he is @thelukegoss on Instagram with some very inspirational posts and Sophie was very surprised when he began to follows her too on Instagram.

This commission portrait above was created by Sophie for Russell Osman – he acted in the film Escape to Victory with Sylvester Stalone, Indian Super league football expert, TV Co-commentator, former footballer for England etc. Sophie was thrilled when he displayed this portrait painting on his Instagram @russosman and his Twitter @RussellOs5. It can also be seen on Sophie’s Twitter @CreativeMrsH

Twice Sophie’s portraits were selected and displayed on the Sky Arts artist of the week television program, on its floating gallery wall. Can you spot them below? In April 2020 Sky Arts ‘Portrait Artist Of The Week’ television show became live during the lock down. Over 20 thousands worldwide joined in. Each week a celebrity sitter was on line for anyone to paint and some entries were selected to be shown in the following Sky Arts television episode.

Soph’s portrait of Rankin, a well known photographer, featured on Sky Arts television show.

Soph’s portrait of Noel Fielding, featured on Sky Arts television show.

Soph’s portrait of Hayley ICU nurse was selected to be included in the permanent record of ‘Portraits for NHS Heroes’ which is an online exhibition by Google Arts & Culture with Paintings in Hospitals. It was a commissioned NHS oil portrait created as part of the wonderful initiative instigated by Tom Croft.

Published by Swirly Soph

Sophie Huddlestone is a full time artist from Burbage in Leicestershire and a member of the Hinckley & District Society of Arts.