About Swirly Soph

No two watercolour paintings are the same because the pigments in watercolours love to misbehave. I guess that’s why I love to create one off paintings rather than oodles of prints.

Any handmade crafts person will tell you that these days it’s like being a grain of sand in the Sahara desert by selling online. Who ever you buy items from it really is appreciated when you visit our sites, pass on our details or leave a review. It’s lovely to hear from you on social media too, because for many of us those comments help keep us going in the right direction.

Typically in my scruffs and middle aged, the new generation of online artist’s are way out of my league. It’s a natural part of an artist’s make-up to feel that others produce better work but now it’s the whole new glamour angle too. The marketing strategy the new generation use is photos on social media looking gorgeous while they paint. I’ve even seen some wear nightclub dresses or a bikini.

Well I may get less visitors to my site in future, but I’m sticking to my favourite crazy Einstein T-shirt from our family holiday in Devon last year. As a busy mum I paint pictures when ever possible, any mums out there know raising kids doesn’t leave much spare time, and exhaustion crushes creativity but I try to paint as often as possible.

I love painting commissions of fluffy loved ones and portraits. You can see more examples on my full artist’s website https://www.sophiehuddlestone.com (when you have more time on your hands) as this SWIRLY SOPH site has just the under £30 range and sale items.

Thanks for reading my about page,


(Sophie Huddlestone)