Brightening up homes all over the world with happy paintings.

No two watercolour paintings are the same because the pigments in watercolours love to misbehave, perhaps the unpredictability is the addiction.

About Swirly Soph

Painting, with my old dog, in a village in Leicestershire, U.K.

My garden art studio took two years to plan and build, finding wood and windows in the sales and took up most weekends with friends and family helping. It is a great place to shut out distractions and create, but in the winter months I’m curled up by the fire in home.

My aim with swirlysoph.com is to provide paintings at lower prices for every day folks to enjoy and brighten up there homes. I charge a lot more for commissions, mainly because they take me a lot longer to create. Painting from imagination just pops straight onto the page but when considering the customers needs I tend to get artists mind block and some can take me weeks to complete with the fear of it not being good enough.

Having dyslexia (and irlen syndrome) it is difficult for me to write content about my paintings on social media, I hope the paintings themselves create the conversations when in your home.

As a busy mum I try to paint something new each week.

You can see more examples of pet commissions on my full artist’s website https://www.sophiehuddlestone.com (when you have more time on your hands) as this SWIRLY SOPH site has just the bargains range of items under £30.

Any handmade crafts person will tell you that these days it’s like being a grain of sand in the desert by selling online. Who ever you buy items from it really is appreciated when you pass on details or leave a review. The comments and new connections keep us self employed artists going.

Extra info:

This website is SWIRLY SOPH (the sale priced paintings range) https://swirlysoph.com

Soph’s Full artists website has paintings for sale that are over £30 and commissions it is https://www.sophiehuddlestone.com

Soph’s Etsy shop with sweaters and art prints is https://www.etsy.com/shop/CountrySwirls/

Sophie’s paintings in progress creativity blog is at https://www.artistsophie.com

Instagram @ creativemrsh

Twitter @ CreativeMrsH

Facebook Page /SwirlySophArt

Facebook Messenger @ SwirlySophArt

Tik Tok @ swirlysoph


Get shopping! The SWIRLY SOPH sale, lovingly hand painted original paintings. Or go to the art prints page.



Swirly Soph :-)