Any currency is accepted, although it is initially set up as US dollars because the English don’t usually tip.

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Having irlen syndrome and dyslexia art is a fantastic career and by keeping the sale prices low on it brings a bit of happiness to everyday households instead of just the expensive stuffy art galleries and posher folks. By the time tax, postage and art materials are deducted from a £30 sale priced painting it has resulted in an hourly wage of approximately £3 for Soph, so please cherish your bargain painting if you have managed to grab one. It really was lovingly created rather than for profit.

If you can not donate then please help by sharing social media posts, commenting, liking and joining Soph’s fab followers for a good old arty chin wag online.

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Thanks for your kindness and support, it has kept the art flowing worldwide and enabled others to enjoy a unique original artwork too.

With Thanks, Swirly Soph