Advice on framing an artwork

Choosing a picture frame can seem a hassle but the size paintings on swirly soph easily fit frames you would pick up with your weekly shop at a supermarket (for just a couple of pounds) or you can get them professionally framed.

The size of sale priced original paintings range from 2.5″ up to 12″.

Above is a bird tea cup painting, the frame is size 7″x5″ fitting it perfectly. It was purchased from Marks and Spencer’s for around £4.

Above is a Chicken in a standard size A4 frame.

The 12”x9” size paintings suit a frame that is size 14”x11” because the inner card mount makes it fit beautifully inside. Or Wilko’s sells frames that are exactly 12″X9″.

The frame above would suit a painting size 7”x5” because the inside fits it perfectly, it is £4.

This link for the frame at Wilko’s:

Soph’s paintings are swirly and detailed, they often suit a simple frame colour such as white, wood or black.

Most artworks look better with a card insert (the background framing card which is inside most frames when you buy them).

Lots of supermarkets, wilko, ikea, the range etc. sell frames which can group paintings together. They are only a few pounds to buy and come with the inner card frames.

Some people display the really tiny ACEO sized paintings on stands. These small wooden tripod stands are sold in craft shops, online, and stores like ‘The Works’ they cost a couple of pounds.


Keep the cardboard which your painting arrived in, place all the layers of cardboard behind the painting, then wrap the entire thing in cling film. Then you can protectively take your painting with you when you choose your frame, and also see visually how the colours look next to each frame. You can also take a ruler (or pick one up in the shop) to measure how much of the painting would be covered up with different choices of frames and card inserts, as most frames slightly differ.

Also I tend to use a small pieces of masking tape on the back of a painting, to hold in place, if you use a card insert. If you have no masking tape you could use sellotape but first stick and unstuck the sellotape onto fabric several times so that it looses its harsh stickiness – sellotape can rip an artwork if you remove it to change your mind.

If you purchase a frame online make sure you check the inner size of the frame, personally I think it is better to decide on a frame with your painting in front of you in your hands, rather than guessing online.

Hope this has helped a bit


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Swirly Soph :-)