New to buying art


When it comes to beginning your art collection you may feel overwhelmed by the abundance of information on this subject. Perhaps you are interested in collecting a certain topic, colour scheme or style. If you are unsure then the perfect way to begin is to go with how you feel – if one painting pulls you in for a longer gaze than other paintings, then that is the artwork to begin your collection with.

The best part about owning an original ‘one of its kind’ painting is that it is the only one in the world! No one will have a painting like it. This creates wonderful conversations with visitors to your home, whom admire your unique collection even more once they realise that picture can not be purchased anywhere else.

Each artwork started as a blank surface with hours of creativity and imagination, designing and layering the paint, lovingly created and ready to be truly cherished in its new home. All Sophie’s artworks are of archival standards, using the best paints, brushes and surfaces to ensure you’ll enjoy your painting for many years to come.

If the painting you wanted has just been sold you can get email reminders so that you don’t miss out on the next beautiful painting. Sophie Huddlestone is an established artist selling original paintings worldwide since 2011, art collectors have been mainly from the United States and the U.K.

Available Paintings

To buy Soph’s paintings today visit the SHOP page which displays the current art collection in order of price, click on the painting you are interested in and it will display the size, price, details and the buy now via PayPal button (or it will display the details of which global market place Soph is selling that particular painting on).

Pet Commission painting prices and sizes are on Soph’s main website which is