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If you can not see a painting that you would like to buy today in Swirly Soph’s PAINTINGS SALE then get reminders for future sale paintings.

You could be the one that purchases the next beautifully hand painted original.

When new paintings are created and added to sale you can get an email reminder which have a photo and its price. If you are interested in buying that painting then you can pop back to this Swirly Soph website and purchase it. If not then just ignore that email and wait for the next one.

You don’t have to join WordPress, anyone can get these email reminders.

Email Reminders Form:

Simply fill in your email address above and then press on the submit, you will then get a WordPress email asking you to confirm that you do want to follow the Swirly Soph blog, confirm and job done! Go for it, you can easily cancel it if you change your mind.

“Glad I did, it’s always someones birthday and Soph’s paintings make fab prezies”

Published by Swirly Soph

Sophie Huddlestone is a full time artist from Burbage in Leicestershire and a member of the Hinckley & District Society of Arts.