Buy Butterfly Swirly Iris Tulip original canvas painting

A beautiful abstract floral with raised textural patterns. This contemporary lively wild Iris and tulips has a buttery swirly towards the flowers, dancing across the mystical morning sky. Painting inspired by a walk in the woods and seeing a handful of wild Iris growing next to a pond area. Original Canvas Painting. Hand painted inContinue reading “Buy Butterfly Swirly Iris Tulip original canvas painting”

Buy Butterfly Mushrooms original painting

A fun and mystical painting. The butterfly is fluttering over the dappled mushrooms with a cool blue shadow reflecting on the nearby mushroom. I especially enjoyed painting the grass below the mushrooms, adding pinks, blues and yellows giving a magical feel to this artwork. This original painting is on traditional Blockingford watercolour paper, size 7″x5″Continue reading “Buy Butterfly Mushrooms original painting”