Buy Owl Wisdom original watercolour painting

Beautifully detailed whimsical owl painting with big wise eyes and dashes of contemporary colours among the feathers. Certainly a unique eye catching artwork to be cherrished. This painting will capture the attention of all who call in to visit the home she fly’s to. This original painting is on traditional Blockingford watercolour paper, size 12″x9″.Continue reading “Buy Owl Wisdom original watercolour painting”

Buy Swirly Giraffe oil painting

The only art print in Soph’s gallery shop, the swirly giraffe. Those eyes will captivate anyone whom sees her. The eye lashes and sweet curve of the neck are full of feminine charm. This Swirly Giraffe Oil Painting Premium Print is on artist’s quality thick paper, it is not on flimsy poster style paper. WeightContinue reading “Buy Swirly Giraffe oil painting”

Buy Seahorse Dreamer original canvas painting

Original Canvas Painting. Hand painted in artists acrylics, professional watercolour paints and texture paste on to a canvas, coated with Winsor and Newton satin gloss varnish which has UV protection. The canvas size is approximately 20″ x 8″ x 0.5″. This canvas could be hung up on a wall without a frame, a frame andContinue reading “Buy Seahorse Dreamer original canvas painting”

Buy Original Painting Yellow Bird Roses

A contemporary swirly style bird surrounded by blooms and foliage. The golden tones on the birds body were toned dark to light giving the feel that the bird is glimmering amongst the branches. This watercolour painting is the perfect size to fit easily into any room. You could either frame it in a small frameContinue reading “Buy Original Painting Yellow Bird Roses”

Buy Ladybug Shine original painting

The ideal size painting to add a dash of contemporary art to your home. A bold and beautifully swirly detailed ladybug, hand painted in a sketchy style. This insect is believed to be the embodiment of good luck, bringing good fortune and prosperity. This original painting is on traditional Blockingford watercolour paper, size 7″x5″ (18cmX12.5cm).Continue reading “Buy Ladybug Shine original painting”

Buy Jolly Robin on a Branch original painting

A chubby little contented robin, whom is beginning to smile, sits comfy on the branch of berries looking at the busy world passing by. A small whimsical watercolour full of charm, inspired by one of our popular British birds. Seeing a robin can sometimes represent a passed loved one watching over you or a messageContinue reading “Buy Jolly Robin on a Branch original painting”

Buy Chunky Rooster original canvas painting

This chunky canvas painting was a joy to paint, particularly the detailed tail feathers. The colours mixed into each other creating interesting patterns within the painting. This would look ideal in a kitchen, or hallway, welcoming in visitors to your home with this regal feathered friend. Original Canvas Painting. Hand painted in artists acrylics andContinue reading “Buy Chunky Rooster original canvas painting”

Buy Walk With Mama, Elephant and baby, original watercolour painting

This baby elephant walking by its mother / fathers side is gently nuzzling trunks as the adult guides the little one forward. Inspired by the human like emotions and family bonds which elephants have as they survive in the wild open spaces. Painted in mainly cool blues and gentle purples this painting avoids dull greys.Continue reading “Buy Walk With Mama, Elephant and baby, original watercolour painting”