Buy Ice Cream Wafer original painting

Food paintings look great in a kitchen or dining room. An ice cream wafer with dripping chocolate makes a delightful pudding painting to gaze at. The ice cream has shadow tones in pink, blue and lilac, and the oyster shape wafer is sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. Painting inspired by memories of childhood holidays andContinue reading “Buy Ice Cream Wafer original painting”

Buy Swirly Giraffe oil painting

The only art print in Soph’s gallery shop, the swirly giraffe. Those eyes will captivate anyone whom sees her. The eye lashes and sweet curve of the neck are full of feminine charm. This Swirly Giraffe Oil Painting Premium Print is on artist’s quality thick paper, it is not on flimsy poster style paper. WeightContinue reading “Buy Swirly Giraffe oil painting”

Buy Original Painting Field of Sunset Lavender

A petite watercolour painting full of atmospheric lavender fields and a sun settling skyline. Take a walk across those fields and breath in the relaxation of those moments before the day gets busy. Painting inspired by rays of sunshine filling the countryside. This original painting is on traditional Blockingford watercolour paper, size 7″x5″ (18cmX12.5cm). ItContinue reading “Buy Original Painting Field of Sunset Lavender”

Buy Rainy Day Rainbows original painting

A rainbow welly boot with speckled firework foliage and a warm shadowed foreground. The greenery has softened edges in darker tones bringing the welly into a bright focal point. This painting brings smiles and a burst of optimism to cloudy dull days. This original painting is on traditional Blockingford watercolour paper, size A5 which isContinue reading “Buy Rainy Day Rainbows original painting”

Buy Village Evenings Original canvas painting

A small but atmospheric painting, the glow of the night lights bounce from windows and reflect on the floors, a gentle village stroll through the streets in the evening. The reds and yellows give strength to this scene, and the softened brush strokes give a warmth to the eye’s journey across the canvas. Painting inspiredContinue reading “Buy Village Evenings Original canvas painting”

Buy Original Painting Yellow Bird Roses

A contemporary swirly style bird surrounded by blooms and foliage. The golden tones on the birds body were toned dark to light giving the feel that the bird is glimmering amongst the branches. This watercolour painting is the perfect size to fit easily into any room. You could either frame it in a small frameContinue reading “Buy Original Painting Yellow Bird Roses”

Buy Iris Tulip original mini painting

An extremally affordable way to own a painting by this artist. This mini watercolour painting is only 5″ x 3.5″ but holds its own as a beautifully toned sketched style watercolour. By mounting this small painting with a large card surround in a frame you could easily turn this miniature painting into a stand aloneContinue reading “Buy Iris Tulip original mini painting”

Buy Ladybug Shine original painting

The ideal size painting to add a dash of contemporary art to your home. A bold and beautifully swirly detailed ladybug, hand painted in a sketchy style. This insect is believed to be the embodiment of good luck, bringing good fortune and prosperity. This original painting is on traditional Blockingford watercolour paper, size 7″x5″ (18cmX12.5cm).Continue reading “Buy Ladybug Shine original painting”

Buy Butterfly Mushrooms original painting

A fun and mystical painting. The butterfly is fluttering over the dappled mushrooms with a cool blue shadow reflecting on the nearby mushroom. I especially enjoyed painting the grass below the mushrooms, adding pinks, blues and yellows giving a magical feel to this artwork. This original painting is on traditional Blockingford watercolour paper, size 7″x5″Continue reading “Buy Butterfly Mushrooms original painting”