Pet Portrait Commissions by Swirly Soph

Before you order a commission painting please go to Soph’s full artists website and view lots more pet commission examples, size, price and expected time scale. Below are a few celebrity examples: Above is a painting that Sophie created of Reggie, a dog belonging to Matt Goss (lead singer from the 90’s music bandContinue reading “Pet Portrait Commissions by Swirly Soph”

Artist in Burbage 20% OFF

Have you walked past Soph’s art studio in Grove road, Burbage and seen a painting you would like to buy? It’s temporary sale price may be already displayed on the painting. Some paintings in the window are not yet listed for sale online, and they may even include the display picture frame. up to 20%Continue reading “Artist in Burbage 20% OFF”

Buy Embroidered Sweaters with a collar

Available to buy now from Soph’s shop on Etsy called ‘UK Artist SH’ Grab a sweater now before they are out of stock! Purchase these sweaters at: Postage worldwide from Burbage, UK These sweaters have been lovingly created by Sophie, scanning her paintings and converting each part of the design into a layer ofContinue reading “Buy Embroidered Sweaters with a collar”