the SWIRLY SOPH sale

Welcome to the Swirly Soph sale blog

Bespoke original watercolour paintings and bookmarks. Unique and one of a kind. Hand painted, created by Soph using swirly imagination and artists watercolour paints on to top quality watercolour paper – 300g/m2 140Lbs, acid free, archival.

Corona Virus update – Are my paintings and prints safe? YES. Regular washing of hands has always been a part of my painting process as any moisture from hands on watercolour paper prevents the flow of the paints. The government have stated that on a porous surface such as cardboard if the virus was present it would only live for about an hour. I won’t be painting as often as before, due to child care (as the schools are closed) so please do subscribe and get the free reminder emails so that you can get first viewing of any new available paintings.

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